As a full time working woman and a mother you are not likely to have much time for yourself and all the housework you have to do. However like all full time working mothers, you must stress yourself out severely to try to get all the work done within a limited time. Most working mothers wish with all their hearts that they could stay at home and be a mother and a housewife, however it is not always that easy due to certain financial constraints. You may however be able to lessen your workload simply by planning well ahead and hiring someone else to do your work for you.

Pay someone to do your work for you

If you calculate your time, effort and all of your expenses you might find that hiring companies to do certain things for you might not be that much of an expense for you. For example, hiring a laundry shop once a week to wash up or dry clean all of your laundry in bulk might be much cheaper than having to do it yourself considering all of the laundry detergent and water that is being used.

You will find that most laundry shops charge you by the kilo for your laundry and considering that as a family you are unlikely to have many kilos of laundry for the week, you will in fact be saving a lot of money when considering all of your other bills can such as electricity water and detergent. A professional laundry service is likely to do a much better job on your laundry than you yourself can do.

Laundry companies in Dubai will use the best kinds of detergent which they will get at bulk rates and they will also disinfect your clothing and your bedspreads making your laundry much safer for use.

Another idea for saving much valued time for you and your family is to speak to an underprivileged family in your area and have them supply all of your meals. You may pay them a reasonable rate for the meals that they provide you, saving you valuable time of having to cut, clean and cook. You will be able to tell the family what kind of food you would like as well as help the family by paying them for their work. You will find but the actual cost of the food and supplies will not be much and so the money that you will be paying them will work as a profit for the family and yet you will be spending much less money than you would at your local restaurant that you know that eat at every so often.