Are you aware of the fact that a furnished office can help you add benefits your business? Do you think that a business center that comes with executive suits tend to be high in the price section and are extremely expensive? There are several novice and real estate inexperienced buyers who think that comparing the square foot price of conventional space to the price of the executive suite is a great deal for them. They also think that the amenities and office space in Abu Dhabi which is offered by these centers is much of a pricy affair in contrast to office space alternatives.

However many people do not know that this is quite a commonly circulated office myth because if both the space as well as the time gets properly assessed then it is possible for one to obtain a cost effective business centre. This would come with additional added advantages too.

Let us know more about it:

• Support Team:

Official centers do offer a reliable and proficient reception and answering services which will handle visitors and callers. To add to this, if you even consider training and liabilities related to HR, administrative timings and elements involved with maintenance and staff, the value will end up being way too significant. Basically, an Abu Dhabi business center is especially set up for customers so that they do not have to get bothered much. They work towards providing workers with quality, reliable, timely and persistent support. Even the services that they generally priced are mostly advanced and superior features. You even need not worry much about sick personal time and vacations as all of this will be rightfully handled.

• Total space needed:

Since this kind of office space will involve a shared setting, one does not require much space for a dedicated reception section, telecommunications systems, cafes/kitchen, copy area, and also conference rooms. Definitely, space will be required however when the time comes they will be available as and when needed. This way when it is shared, it will also diminish the total amount of office space required. Also capital requirements will be at some point of time required, furniture for lobby area, reception desks, audio visual tools, tables and chairs for conferences, fridge, dishwashers and soon.

• Startup capital:

The startup capital that would be needed to commence an office can be compared with conventional space. Together with tools and furnishings needed for additional space, you will also need to take care of other setoff office requirements which will include fax, furnishings, tools for telecommunications and copiers. Most probably there will also be installation and deposit expenses to initiate the services.