Decorating for a special occasion can be one of the most arduous and frustrating things about the whole event itself. If you want it to be extra special you might have to make the decorations on your own or you might have to get professional help. Either way it will cost you time or money in great amounts. So here are tips on getting your timing right and managing whatever time you have correctly. Read this article to find out more about wedding venues where you can celebrate your special occasion.· Balloons are your best friend

Balloons can make anyone’s day and there is no age limit for the fun balloons can bring. You can go for regular oxygen filled balloons or go for helium filled balloons that everyone loves. You can put a twist and get balloon animals or fill the balloons with shiny dust or tiny shiny cut up papers which you can burst at the opportune moment (highly recommended by wedding planners for engagement parties and such). There are different patterned balloons which you can pick to suit your theme or add a pop of color, then you can go for the shaped one (valentine’s celebrations, the big red heart shaped balloon).

· Get the checklists going

Even the professional wedding planners have a checklist going and it is a great way to keep track of everything as well as keep things organized properly. You can go for the manual diary checklist or if you are tech friendly and feel more comfortable with a tablet or smartphone then you can download the great apps they have made for event checklist. There are apps made specifically for types of celebrations and you can go for a premade template and keep adding things that come into your head.

· Time properly

You will have to get planning months ahead and slowly take your time and go about the details meticulously. You will also have a better chance getting everything ready if you get a theme going so you can schedule your grocery runs and market runs on time and get everything ready. It is also a good idea to remind any professionals you are hiring around a week before the event itself so that they know the event is confirmed as well.

Go for simple decorations that you can make on your own or with friends so that you do not have to spend a lot on professional help for decorations. There are a plethora of ideas and variety of colors you can use in websites like Pinterest and Tumblr where you can find inspirations and also help.