If you are planning on going on vacation soon, and feel heartbroken about leaving your four legged friend behind, then you may be considering letting them tag along for the trip. Travelling with your pet can be quite a hassle, since it requires extra preparation and extra attention on your part. Here are some things you need to be mindful of when travelling with your pets.

Familiarize Them

If your cat or dog, has never travelled before, then maybe there is a chance that they may get sacred, restless or even sick while travelling. In order to avoid such a situation do a few trial runs with your pet and drive around the neighbourhood a couple of times. Not only will they love this little adventure, but it will also help to get them ‘car trained.’

Check Safety

Decide on what the safest option is for your dog when you are travelling. If it is a well behaved dog, then let them sit either shot gun, or in the back and use some form of restraint like a seat belt to stop them from roaming around the car. You should also remember that while dogs love to travel with their heads out of the window, it is not safe for them and therefore windows should never be left wide open. If your pet is very small, then the best option is to get a pet carrier, or a crate. Make sure that these are well ventilated and have enough space for them to walk around a bit. These too need to be secured to the vehicle using a restraint. Use this link http://4work.me/ for a cleaning system that is designed to fulfil every requirement of having a clean & an allergy free home.

Clean Up

If you are planning on taking your pet in your car, then you need to consider cleaning up both the pet as well as the car. Keep doggy bags in hand and make enough restroom stops or carry your cat’s litter box with you. When it comes to your car you will need to keep a car vacuum cleaner in the trunk, so that you can clean your car when you arrive at your destination.

Using a car vacuum cleaner in Dubai is essential especially if you have kids travelling with you as well.

Food and Water

If your pet is used to a certain type of food, then it is best to take a sufficient supply with you on your trip. If they have a specific bowl that they eat from, that needs to be taken along as well. You will also need to keep your dog well hydrated during your trip, as well as provide them with enough bathroom breaks. Remember that your pets don’t run on the same schedule as you, and may probably not eat when you stop to grab a bite. This may require you to make additional stops in order to feed your pet.