Dubai is one of the most preferred romantic holiday destinations of the world. It is a land of sand, beautiful landscapes, exotic beaches, and attractive mountains.

Dubai is by default romantic at heart. If you want to go on a romantic holiday, then Dubai may be the best choice. It will be a special memory for you. It has many destinations and variety of activities, like fishing trips, to spend a perfect holiday. Just plan a date night and enjoy it.

Here is a list of things to do and enjoy your romantic holiday in Dubai:

If you want to enjoy the beautiful skyline of Arab sea there are exotic dinner cruise for you to enjoy. You can have a magnificent view of Burj al Arab from them. As mentioned above you will also get the scope to enjoy fishing trips out there.

Romantic dinner is the best thing one can enjoy in Dubai. The best restaurants and foods are available there. But if you want to enjoy more with your better half, you can head towards beach restaurants at the Jumeirah beach. You will find many eateries at the foot of the Burjkhalifa and they offer delicious Mediterranean food. You can have a really special evening at affordable cost as the right eateries will offer you good foods but at reasonable prices. But in many restaurants reservations are very essential here, so you need to look after that point too.

Dubai has many exotic beaches and shoreline hotels that offer beautiful view of the sea. These beaches are costly to enjoy. But there are many public beaches you can enjoy for free. A night walk on those beaches under a dotted sky with full of stars will take you to the land of fairy tales.

You may plan a short picnic or dinner on those beaches. Desert safaris are also very attractive with your loved one. There are many desert safari agencies who offer overnight safaris.

There are various things to enjoy such as dune bashing, belly dancing, henna painting, desert photography, camel rides, sand skiing and most important dinner at night in the dunes under the starry desert sky. You can glide in the desert sky, there are hot air balloon ride for you. You can glide over the various animals of the desert such as oryx, gazelle and camels.

There are some family farm businesses also out there that offer horse ride. If you want to taste the actual desert wilderness at dusk under the setting sun, then visit those farms.

There are various luxury and cheap spas in Dubai. Exotic spas will offer you various experiences.