With the advancement of the technology now understanding another language is no longer a big problem. With the use of online translators such as Google translator you can translate any document or even understand contents of websites written in foreign languages. However one might think this may put professional translators out of a job, since the websites like Google translator is free. But there are few pointers to consider.


Which is more accurate? The answer is very straight forward; a professional translator is more accurate than online software. But the use of accuracy depends on the situation. For example if you are trying to order products from a website in china written in mandarin, you can use an English translation software to simple find the meanings of words and figure out where to look to find what you want. But if you are trying translating something medical related, you depend on the accuracy of the translation. In this case you need help from a professional translator. So in a situation where accuracy of the translation is crucial, online translation software loses.

Better understanding of phrases

These software may only know how to translate word by word, but not the entire meaning. English translation in Dubai of certain phrases would mean something different than the original language. For example if you are trying to translate a paper written on literature, the phrases would mean something completely different if it’s not translated correctly. Only an experienced professional translator could provide the exact meaning of the phrase. The software would merely translate the words.

Not being able to type certain letters

If you are using translation software such as Google, it may not be 100% effective in usage. If you have keyboard with English alphabet, it would be difficult to type certain words and even certain languages. For example if you need to translate Hindi, mandarin, or Russian language to English, you cannot type the letter of the words. You need a human translator who could read the letters and translate it in to the language of your preference. Even the languages with English alphabet such as Turkish has other symbols on the letters, the appearance of the symbol makes a huge difference in the meaning of the word. Sometimes software do not recognize these symbols, in that case you may get an incorrect translation.

There are many points to argue to find out whether the software is better than a human translator, mainly it being readily available and its free. However everything that comes free is not worth it. Depending on what you translate and the importance of getting the accurate translation, you may need a professional translator to get the job done. However until the software are developed to act as accurately as a human translator, professional translators will always be a better choice to get your translation needs fulfilled.