The garment market in the present day has been flooded by many number of brands which are similar by looks, and it is quite impossible to distinguish the quality wear out of the cheap wear. As a result most of customers get deceived by the looks and end up buying themselves a good looking cheap garment that could probably be used for shorter period of time. The reason why people get caught to such tragic situations is simply because they do not pay attention to the little vital points that will help a person to judge the quality of the garment. Hence this article will be providing a few tips as to how a person could make a correct judgement with regard to the quality of men’s wear.

The Fabric

In a general scenario, best shirts are made by using the highest quality material or rather the fabric that is available in the market. If it is a formal attire, the available material for that particular attire should be used if it is a quality product. The fabric can be considered as the most important point of judgement whereas probably 95% of the garment consist of the fabric which means if the fabric is in good quality conditions, the chances of the product being a high quality one is certainly high. Therefore it is important always be mindful about the fabric of a particular textile product.

The Stitch Count

Another important aspect is the stich count that decides the quality of a garment. More the stitches are in a product, the more flexible, durable would the product get. However, there can be instances where the stitches may not be visible to the naked eye at glance which would lead to difficulties in estimating the number of stitches. At an instance of such, it is important keep in mind that it is always easier to judge the number of stitches by looking from the inside of the garment.


Another important feature that can be found in the best shirts in Dubai available in today’s market is the number of buttonholes available in the product and how is placed and stitched. Usually a textile product would contain roughly around 10 buttonholes although it is better to always prefer less buttoned wear than buttoned ones. However, when it comes to formal wear there will be no choice but to buy buttoned wear and therefore it is important to always ensure the buttonholes are stitched in the proper manner for the product to be strong on the fabric.

Looking at the above discussion, it is simply evident that by paying attention to these little or rather minor points in a garment will help you to judge the quality of the overall product and make a better purchase decision.