Are you in the business of earthmoving? Well, you must already know that it is incredibly important for you to take good care of the equipment that you are using, including your vehicles and heavy machines. Proper maintenance of this equipment will allow you to use it for longer and make sure that you won’t have any problems as you use them that could very well threaten the lives of both you and your employees, especially your operators. If you are on a dig site, you do not want a broken bit of equipment to raise its head at an inopportune moment. While ignoring maintenance is a bad way to do things, doing maintenance work on the equipment in the wrong way is also a terribly easy way to mess the machines up. As hardy as they are on the outside, they are actually rather fragile creatures on the inside, and you have to treat them as such.


If you are in construction earthwork machine lubrication is extremely important. Without the right lubrication, all of those moving parts are going to have a lot of friction with each other as surfaces come into contact with one another. This friction can lead to a lot of wear and tear damage on the surfaces of the equipment which can lead to fracturing and total catastrophic failure of the machine at the worst possible moment. It will cost you heavily in terms of life and money as well. Maintaining these machines at top working condition is therefore very important, and the first step to doing this is to reduce the amount of friction and heat generation. The best way to do this is to constantly keep all of the moving components of the machine well lubricated at all times so that there is no chance of there being too much friction.

Keep it clean

One amazing tip for construction earthwork machine maintenance is to make sure it is always clean. While this may seem a little impossible, it is actually quite easy if you remind your workers to clean their equipment right after they are done using it. Dirt is one of the biggest causes of machine failure when it builds up in the moving parts of the machines. At the worst, it can damage your components and make it necessary to conduct repairs that could prove to be rather costly.

With the right cleaning and lubrication procedures observed you should be able to have a smooth, highly functional set of equipment that lasts you many years.