If you are in the business of exporting goods, you may know exporting goods has a long process. The taxes involved, packaging regulation and on top of all you are not allowed to use certain preservatives in your products. So if you are in the business of exporting food, there are a number of things to consider and watch for.

Is your product suitable for the target country market?

When you are preparing your products to export, you need to make sure that the target market in the selected countries is okay with the product standard you export. Before contacting air cargo companies to export your products you need to do an extensive research on to the target market to see their product preferences. For example if you are exporting tea to a European county you need to know what type of tea they prefer. Do they like strong black tea, flavored tea or weak black tea? You should know there things before exporting. Some countries like to have their tea in bags and some like to use it loose. Get the product preferences and cultural values in to account when exporting products overseas. For example if you are exporting clothing items to middle East, there is no point exporting items like shorts and strappy cloths, because the target market prefers more modest clothing, so to be able to sell your items you need to be able adapt according to the market needs.

Branding and packaging

This is important when doing business overseas. You need to be careful of your packaging and branding. Sometimes air cargo companies can assist you in the matter of language barrier. Your product name may mean something offensive or bad in their language, in cases like this you may need to change the product name to suit the target market. Also the packaging of the product should be up to the standards of the country that you are exporting. Also sometimes the colours and patterns you use in the packaging can be offensive or considered bad in their countries. For example red may mean good luck in China but it means something bad in another country, so when you design packaging you need to make sure that you have a good idea about the cultural beliefs behind colours.


If you are exporting electronic items or appliances, you need to sort out how the warranties will be given and where they can take the items to repair. If you can get a local engineer as a partner so they can do the repairs or you need to arrange some other means.