Entertaining guests come naturally to some people but for others it is quite an annoying thing to do especially when the guests don’t click with you. There are various types of guests, some may be quiet and some maybe talkative and different types of guests require different types of entertainment and attention.

Welcome them into ones home

If you are aware that there will be some visitors coming to your home then you can welcome them into your home. One way is by standing near the door and greeting them and calling them into the house. This is a warm and kind way of entertaining guests as a hostess. This will set a good impression into the minds of the visitors and will leave a positive attitude the next time they come. The place we all want to visit is a house that has member who is hostile so be cheerful and smile at the visitors because this little facial expression reflects on what type of person you are. Another way to welcome guests is by giving them a welcome drink on arrival. One could make it before hand but the best method is to give the guest a few choices so he/she can choose their favourite out of it. Always make sure to ask the visitors about their level of sugar or milk or ice required. This is a good habit and will make the visitor feel important.

While you are away making the necessary items, the guest’s must not be left to idle. So one must make sure there are magazines or newspapers in the hall so the visitors can entertain themselves. Or the hostess Dubai could even switch the T/V on and ask the guests which channel they would like to watch. This is a simple trick that is very helpful when the visitors include little kids. It always take that little extra effort to impress someone, so if there are kids one can keep some food items that are loved by kids. Like some candy and colourful sweets.

Start a conversation

One could start a conversation with a guest. But instead of asking cliché questions you could make up some new ones. If that’s challenging then one could talk about a current or trending issue. If the visitor isn’t that friendly or talkative, it is always best if you could study the guests and then according to their nature start a conversation. It is not about what you like to talk; sometimes one must understand the likes of the guests and talk about those. This will grasp their attention in no time.