When it comes to making grooming decisions, men are not very apt at it unless they belong to rare 10% perhaps who are meticulous about their appearance from head to toe. Many decisions that come easier to women are complex puzzles for them as they are not used to the terminology and tend to get confused in the influx of information. The biggest confusion they face is in deciding whether what they need is a salon or a barber. There are several factors that can be considered to help make the right decision depending on your need.


If you are wondering whether to step into a gents salon or continue with your barber or the lines are simply blurred on the difference, it would be helpful to drop into the salon for a chat. You can discuss your requirements and find out whether they can assist you with their services. From care for your hair and scalp to a new hairstyle you are keen on trying, they will be able to offer you advice. Get an idea of how long and how much it will cost you. If you have any allergies, it will also be useful to ask them what products they plan on using and whether they may have an adverse reactions.


There is a major difference when it comes to barbers and salons. Barbers are mainly sought after for haircuts. While they can cut to a style you want, that is the extent of their services. They are quick, on-the-go options and have many customers within a small span of time. Salons offer treatments for your hair and scalp which can be beneficial if you have conditions such as dandruff or thinning hair. Some even have massage options which is great for promoting blood circulation addressing issues such as dry scalp.


Some of us like to experiment not just with cut but also colour. As opposed to a barber, a gents salon will be more apt for the purpose. They tend to have a wide variety in shades and brands which give you more options. They are also more skilled for the job as salons cater to many hair colourings. Not only can they fit you up with a funky hair shade, they can also offer advice on what to do for greying early on. Consider a doctor’s clinic for hair if you will. Visit a few different salons to compare prices and find out which you are most comfortable with.


Some salons offer a wide range of services not limited to only hair, but also extending to manicures and pedicures as well as facials. Though this is still regarded as a more feminine topic, there are plenty of benefits to be had for men. They have packages especially catered for males including products that are masculine as well. Booking in for one of these treatments from time to time can work wonders especially if you are prone to problem skin. Find out whether they have any that catch your fancy.