When it comes to used armored vehicles, we are talking about a big industry. The armed forces need a large number of vehicles and every year they have to deal with used military vehicles. They use such vehicles to transport materials and troops to the battlefield and vice versa. They also carry military officials. However, the government has to get rid of vehicles at a regular interval to replace them with the latest and advanced vehicles with better features. These discarded vehicles will be up for grabs at the auction. General public can own them if they want by participating in the auction process.

It’s a business

Yes, buying used military vehicle has become a huge business. If they want they can go for custom armored cars; but public attach great value to the used military vehicles.

• Businessmen compete to own these used vehicles as they can resell for a higher price later.

• They will also be able to export these vehicles to other countries like Russia etc.

• Used military vehicles are always in demand.

• However, when it comes to the export and import of military vehicles, you will have to be well versed in the procedures and protocols involved. These companies go to great length to perfect them.

• Auctions are arranged in a regular manner.

• Local government, state government or federal government arranges these auctions.

High demand

Used military vehicles are always in demand. As for custom armored cars, governments or individuals order them from the manufacturer. However, you can customize the used military vehicle after obtaining it. Used military vehicles have huge demand by worldwide collectors and national museums. You should know that TV and film industries are always in search of them. In most cases, they collect it directly from War reserves or Army units. After buying it, they recondition it before they sell them. As for the customers, they can use it in whatever way they want. The most common uses are in shooting sites and construction sites.

How companies make a profit?

What about these companies which buy these vehicles? How do they make profit besides selling? Well, they make a profit by collecting the brokerage from dealers as well. The middle men will have to give brokerage to these companies before selling them directly to the customer. Also, movie production companies and other companies hire these vehicles from shooting and other promotional activities as well. What are the most popular military vehicles used for this purpose? Well, we are talking about hummers, trucks, tanks and limousines here. Link here http://www.mswarmoured.com/brake-upgrades/ to gain ideas about the products and services they offer.


It’s a big business. If you want to get into the business, then go ahead. It can be a profitable business venture, especially if you have a passion for military vehicles. The demand and craze for military vehicles is always going to be there. So, we don’t see a diminishing trend in the near future.