As much as building your first home may sound like an exciting prospect, the next few months ahead of you are going to be some of the most stressful times of your life. You will find that given timelines will get broken, contracts will get broken and you may get cheated a few times by construction workers, builders and even the company selling the raw materials to you. If financially viable it is best to have an engineer working with you alongside the building team as the builders may convince you to do things that are putting your future home in danger such as using cheaper materials.

Choosing the right builder

Before you choose a builder for your home consider looking at a few of his construction projects beforehand. Speak to prior clients and find out their opinions about his work and his work ethic. It is advisable to speak to a number of people as the first few people that he introduces you to maybe set up by him. It is quite common to have builders introduce you to their own family members who have been told to give glowing reviews of his work.

Ideally you would need to visit his construction projects with your engineer so that your engineer will be able to advise you on the quality of the work. While most buildings may look perfectly fine to a lay person, an engineer will be able to see flaws that you do not see. It would also be advisable to read up about construction work before you start on your project in order to not seem completely lost when speaking to your builders. For example, before making a decision on what material to buy or the size a certain wall should be, it is best to do prior research online and to speak to your engineer. There may be certain things you may not be seen as wrong but may cause significant damage to your home in the future.

It is vital that you remember that all the money you are spending today to build your home may come to nothing if one mistake is made and your home start to develop cracks in the future. If, in five years from today your wall starts to crack, and you do not have contact with your construction worker you may need to spend millions in order to demolish your entire house and remake it all over again as you do not want to put yourself nor your family in danger.