Who does not want to marry grandly because your marriage day is the most important day of your life? You are treated by all your friends and family members as the most important couple for the day. Since, you will be getting so much attention on your marriage ceremony; so in return you need to please all your guests with an outstanding hospitality.

You need to draw a friendly budget to make your wedding a grand success. You must plan your marriage carefully so that your guests enjoy every moment. The planning for this special moment should be done much ahead, so that you do not regret that you missed out something which you should have done.

Sketch out your wedding checklist. This can be done online. This will provide information on everything, right from the reception hall to the purchasing of gifts for your bride and guests. You must set aside a budget for your marriage so that you do not feel a financial crunch. The budget should be fair enough to include all the necessary expenses which you will face. Set aside a reasonable marriage budget to cover all expenses.

To make your marriage a success you need helping hands. Ask your close ones, such as, your family members and friends to help you to decorate the marriage hall and to manage some affairs in your marriage day. Surely, they will feel privileged to be included on your special day. Give them some responsibilities to fulfill on that day. Remember, the persons whom you choose to fulfill responsibilities must be dependable and should be able to execute the job with great efficiency. He should not let you down on that special day.

Your guests will look forward for a nice Dubai wedding meal so you must trust this job to the best chef. Choose an experienced cook who knows his job well. Advise him to prepare some special dishes which your guests have not tasted before. The food should be delicious and yummy. There should be variety of delicious foods. People love to eat yummy foods. There should be varieties of fruit drinks especially for ladies and children. Champagne should be served to the males. Remember, to serve starters and drinks to your guests as they enter the marriage hall. The guest should be treated like VIPs. Offer them a red rose as a sign of warm welcome.

Distribute small gifts to the children. Surely, they will be very much pleased with this gesture. This will win the hearts of all your guests. Keep attendants to serve your guests with great inclination, so that they feel honored and wanted. See that their needs are fulfilled with great humility, modesty and with respect.