Turning 21 is a big milestone to step. Everybody loves the fact that they are now legally allowed to drink and go clubbing. Here are some killer ways to celebrate your 21st birthday.

Go clubbing

Rule one of celebrating 21st birthdays is to go clubbing, who doesn’t like to go and rub the ID card on the bouncers’ nose who did not let you in the first few tries. You can go clubbing in style in a limousine, call a limo rental in Dubai company and hire one and take your friends on a fun club hoping night. You can explore few clubs and since you have hired transport you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Throw a themed party

This is also a fun way to celebrate the birthday. You can plan it on your own or hire an event planner to organize the party. There are several themes that you can go for, costumed party, 70s themed, rock star theme, dance parties, and even fairytale themes. You will need to arrange food and drink of course. You can get one of your older friends or cousins to make a nice punch for the guests. Arrange some drinking games like every time someone says a certain word everybody takes a shot.

Go to a spa day

This is more of a treat to yourself, if you are not in to drinking too much since it is not a healthy option, you can go a full day spa treatment with your buddies. If you want to go there in style because it’s your birthday, hire a limo rental company to provide you with a hummer or stretch limousine for the day. You will feel like a princess and well treated.

Go on a road trip

If you want to expand your birthday celebration, go on a road trip with your friends. Book a hotel and celebrate your birthday there. This will be more of an adventure and it is nice to enjoy something different. And you can have a drink and have some fun.

Go to a karaoke bar

This is quite the challenge if you are in to singing, and you have stage shy, this is the year you need to try something new and break the ice. Go to a karaoke bar with friends and have few drinks and start singing. This will be a lot fun if somebody records you singing.

Game night

If you are not in to so much of clubbing and drinking, you can have a get together as a family and friends to have a game night. If you have an X Box or a play station you can play dancing games and video games. Or you could simply have a quiz night.